mardi 25 juin 2013

Spring period in Jyväskylä

March – April: Beginning of Finnish’s Boreal spring: Snow has just melted out even though some blocks of ice can still be seen here and there. Rivers are reborn, trees and plants are still leafless, insects and others animals are coming back from their winter sleep. In a couple of weeks, everything will be green and flowering and life will come back. 

Studies at the University of Jyväskylä are still on going but soon students will be preparing for their last exams. Exchange students will be leaving soon and new excited ones will be coming in for Summer School organized by various faculties.

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Summer School at the University of Jyväskylä

Have you ever thought of what you would do during your vacation period ?
Do you want to do domething that would both merge having vacation and gaining knowledge in a field of study you are interested in?
Want to visit Finland, the country of lakes, rives and large boreal forest?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, therefore summer school at the University of Jyväskylä is the best choice for you.

At the moment of greens and plentiful of outdoors events, Finland opens its doors to thousands of international students to come in and combine vacation and short term summer classes.

I have always attended summer courses since I arrived in Finland and what I have experienced has changed my life for ever. The people I met and the knowledge I gained will ever be kept in my mind for several reason:

1. Each of the classes I attended were always diverse and multicultural classes

    We often found ourselves been part of a class made up of every body having a different nationality. Fifteen to twenty nationalities discussing, sharing ideas, collaborating during group work and class workshops etc...

2. Summer classes in Jyväskylä are particular in the fact that students are really at the center of both the teaching and the organization.

    We had our class mates who were chosen to be like tutors and guides during and after classes for extra curricular activities. I think this has help lots of international students to open up, socialize and make the best use of the time they spent over here.

3. Many activities were always planned for us

   It is amazing to see how organized the committee was. Every day there was an even after classes, either initiated by the summer school staff or by the students themselves (we usually agreed via Facebook and mailing lists).

I took courses in :
- Optimization of Bioenergy Use
- Limiting Factors on Renewable bioenergy
- Creating and Leading Communities of learners
- Data Documentation in Biological Research
- Collaborative Leadership through Coaching

All those course are not that closely related to my field of study, but I am interested in them and I think they will be very useful in my future career.

I feel grateful to attend summer classes every year and this text is to encourage all those who are still hesitating to take their courage and try these courses at the University of Jyväskylä for you never know amazing and life-changing an experience would be until you try it by yourself.

mardi 12 mars 2013

Some of my sweet moments here

It's 00.30,
I feel tired of a long studies' day but I still want to write this before I forget it.
I just fell in a sort of nostalgia and my heart was full of instant humility and internal heart travelled through my whole blood stream when I started thinking about some particularly sweet moments I have had since I arrived in this city. here are some of them.
As I sometime work as a part time job distributing news paper in house holds, I once was surprised when just after droping the news paper in a flat's mail box, an old woman immediately opened the door and followed me for about ten meters with a tablet of chocolate in her hands. She smiled to me, taped me gently on the arm and said Jyvää Joulu (Merry Christmas). I felt very happy and grateful, answered to her and humblely accpeted her gift. I think the lesson I kept from this encounter was that we are never alone even far from our relatives.
I can never forget all the amazing moments I spend with kids over here. Though their habits and education are quite different from cameroonian kids, they also share the same basic caracteristics that all children have. I have learn to understand them and from being chy with me at the begining, I am nowadys their best friends and several times their parents use me to make pressure on them. They full my heart of joy and bring light to my weekends helping me to overcome the absence of my lovely son who is far from me thousand of miles away.
I can't end this (evening if I am almost sleeping on my keyboard ;) ) without mentioning how king and friendly (I would even say "sweet") are some very particular finnish friends (especially girls) at the university. I am speechless about how amazing they are to me. I will not mention their names here, but I hope if they read this they will recognize themselves.

I apologize if you happen to dislike so private issues, but I have to write this down for my proper sake as well. Never mind me about some mistakes in the text, I will go through it later.

Goood night, grrrrh grrrrh

mercredi 6 mars 2013

Riding a bike in Jyväskylä

Hi again, 

I am just back home after a pretty hard study day, and wanted to write something really touching to me as I just realize it: It's about cycling in Jyväskylä. 

As you arrive in this city, one of the first and striking things you will notice is the importance the city reserves to cycling, through road facilities. Every single road is constructed with well built cyclist ways often on both sides of the pavement. I addition to this, you will notice how extended is the age structure of the people who use the cycling ways, from early ages (parents cycling while pulling their baby trailer and young children with all additional safety outfits) to elderly people. 
I am just amazed to see these lovely scenes every day even during this present winter time ! 
The simple fact of being able to cycle on a well built pedestrian ways, at any time (I often come back home very late), in complete safety and serenity is a chance to anybody, no only me. If you, reading this message, have the same chance, then you are in the list of the top most privileged people of this world, believe me or not, it is true.

Since I arrived (in Finland), I have always used second hand bikes, which are relatively cheap and easy to find, either from friends or in bicycle shops just near the main campus, you won't miss them, their are unavoidable. By time to time you may need to oil your bike, change a tire, add some air, check your brakes, fix front and back lights, get a helmet etc. You will definitely find all what you want in those shops.

Personally I visit the bike shop at least once in a semester. Quite understandable because I always use second hand bikes :D Any way, the guys at the shop are very nice and I changed my brakes there last week as well. Some times, a friend may even borrow me his bike (a sign of solidarity) when mine is broken. It’s easy and more convenient to always have one backup bike.

Hey ! I forgot my bike several times without locking it ...but found it on the same spot each time. I could never have the same chances in many other places, I am sure about that. People in Jyväskylä (or may be in Finland as a whole) say : If you like a lost object on your way, leave it on the spot and the owner will retrace his steps and pick it up. It is a "tradition" here. I often see lots of lost things along streets and have learned to leave them on the spot, or making them more visible by hanging them on tree, fences etc... 

Now that I have got a driving license, I wonder if I could see those things again since I might be cycling a bit less ;)

mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Echosounding course at Konnevesi Research Station

Since its first applications in the 15th century, echo-sounding technology has developed and is being used for a wide range of applications. The purpose of this course was to get students educated about echo-sounding principles in fisheries and aquatic science. How to estimate fish density and biomass, how to understand, read and analyze echo-sounding graphs; get to know what types of equipments and tools are used in echo-sounding...
Here are some of the pictures I have captured for you. Enjoy and comment ;)
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lundi 1 octobre 2012

100th Anniversary of Jyväskylä University Library

It was a great day today at the library of our University as we were celebrating the centenary of this large library. The bazar was opened early in the morning and a lot of activities and stands offered the visitor an insight of all opportunities and necessary information from the library. Here are some pictures, have a look and get the feel of University of Jyväskylä's Library. I played a game and won a symbolic gift ;)
I would also like to let you know that the University gives out books for free twice a year. These are old books and old editions, and the event goes into a continuing process of updating the library every year.

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mardi 18 septembre 2012

My studies and activities

Here I will be writing and posting some facts about the studies I'm engaged in and hopefully also provide you guys with some pictures and comments: field courses, lab work, seminars and symposia, meetings, social activities etc.So you get to stay tuned ;)

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Zooplankton lecture and lab work
Zooplankton are a group of small animals that are found in natural running and standing waters. They are important for the equilibrium of aquatic environment as they constitute principal food source for small fishes and others larger animals (insect larvae for example) and also they help to decrease the amount of bacteria and small algae in the water so that every thing remain in a relatively stable state.
In the pictures are an example of net that we used to collect zooplankton from the lake and the group of students for this course, also are there the lecturer and the expert invited.

- Two week ago, I was invited by the coordinator of our international degree program to welcome new students during two days introduction session at Konnevesi research station. The program was at the same time very relax and thorough. The outcome was a study plan of students and for me a pleasure to speak about my own experience to new students with whom I have been given one hour of discussion in the program.

We have had nice sauna moments, sausage burning and the best among all, a nice tour by boat on the lake toward a nearby island. The new students were very satisfied according to their sayings I we wish them the best. Now the challenge is in our hands to begin this new year with enough motivation and show we deserve the trust put in us.
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